Fully-Managed One-Stop Solution

We’ll take care from research, planning, procurement, scheduling delivery to setup, testing and commissioning of all your IT equipment, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks.

Cost Effective Solutions

We understand that budget can be tight during this period. By studying your business requirements and recommending only the equipment/configuration that you really need, we help you to save your cost.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to keep track of project progress and provide a single-point of accountability, eliminating the hassle of calling different parties.

Professional IT Advice

Setting up a new office is the time when many important decisions are made which can affect operations later on. With years of experience, we can provide professional advice to help you avoid expensive drawbacks.

IT Documentation and Standards

It is easy to over-look the importance of proper documentation and standards when setting-up a new office. At Primenet, we make it a point to document your IT setup in detail to facilitate quick problem resolution and long-term manageability of your IT systems after the initial setup.

Strong After-Sales Support

As we’re primarily an IT support company, you can depend on us to settle any issues and fine-tune your IT systems after the initial setup. If you need long-term on-going support, we offer comprehensive IT support packages to meet any requirements that you may have.

Primenet – New Office IT Setup

Whether you’re entering a new geographical market, acquiring a new business, starting a business for the first time, or you’ve outgrown your current office space, we will help you plan and set up new IT infrastructure. We’ve helped setup numerous businesses in the past and you can trust our expert teams to help you with all your IT needs.

We understand that setting up a new business in Bangladesh can be quite challenging, and while you devote your time to other important things, we’ll take care of IT setup for new office. You need not to have a dedicated IT staff; you can rely on our consultants for best advice and on our dedicated staff for setting up your office network.

The followings are included in our new office IT setup services:

  • One-stop solutions

There’s no need to run to different IT services providers. Our-fully managed one-stop solutions will take care of all your IT needs. From researching, planning and procurement, to delivery, setup, testing and commissioning all the IT equipment, we’ll manage it all.

We understand that starting a new business means scarcity of funds during this period. Don’t worry, by studying your business carefully, and keeping your budget in mind, we will recommend you equipments and services that are most required, dropping down all that is unnecessary or not useful at the moment.

  • Professional IT Consultancy

Businesses are always set up keeping in mind long term implications, and so after studying your business upside down, our consultants will make suggestions for an IT Setup for new offices that will benefit you in the present times and also the future.

To ensure hassle free services, we appoint a dedicated project manager to every assignment. He will keep track of the project progress and ensure correct implementation of the IT plan. He’ll be responsible for delivering a project in time bringing into the picture single-point accountability.

  • Proper Documentation

Often times setting a new business consumes so much of your time and effort that it’s easy for anyone to forget about how important proper documentation and standards are when setting up a new office IT setup.

For the convenience of our clients, we take up documentation on your behalf. We help you prepare detailed documents to facilitate quick problem resolution in the future. Long term management of an IT infrastructure will depend upon how strong your documentation is, and includes clearly the obligations of the service provider; in this case it is Primenet.

  • Services to choose from

Not all businesses will need all IT services, therefore with the help of our consultants you can get custom packed any of the following services for your office network setup:

  • Server Setup & Configuration
  • Desktop and Laptop, Tablet Setup & Configuration
  • Printers & Copiers Setup & Configuration
  • Setup of Office Network & Internet Access

All the above would remain incomplete, if we didn’t provide strong after sales support as well. Being an IT Support company, we understand that our clients may need our help at any time. So, no matter how much time has lapsed post initial setup, we’ll solve and fine tune your IT systems whenever required.

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